The Mango Instant Shelving System

The MANGO shelving system consists of vertical wooden ladders, which support wooden shelves fixed by pegs at variable spacings. Two ladders and five shelves form the basic shelvingunit. Laddersareproducedinfourdifferentheightsandtwodepthsofshelfare available. Cupboard and drawer units can be slotted in between the shelves as required. The system is completely demountable – knock-down.

The system is capable of taking the heavy loads required in factories and warehouses, but at the same time it is attractive and pleasing. It can be used for shops, offices and libraries or to make wall units for the home.

The system is available from stock in units at the factory, for assembly by the purchaser. Or alternatively it can be delivered and assembled for premises, within Nairobi city limits, for no extra charge. The system is versatile and adaptable to any space. Shelf heights can be adjusted in 7.5 cm (3 inch) increments without the use of tools. The system’s knock-down capability makes it ideal for those who move premises frequently.


The wood used is straight-grained pine from Kenya or surrounding countries. The wood is kiln-dried to 10 percent moisture content to prevent twisting and warping. In addition, the construction of the shelves in butcher board, thin strips of wood bonded together, further reduces the possibility of warping. Cross braces, pegs and inserts are of galvanised steel.

Loading Capacity

Each 90cm (3ft) shelf can carry a load of 140 kilos (308 lbs) evenly distributed, but a total load per basic unit of 850 kilos (1,870 lbs) must not be exceeded. When units are joined in a row, every other unit must be cross-braced for rigidity.


All units are machine sanded to a high finish and sealed with two coats of nitro-cellulose lacquer and are more attractive than the equivalent item in steel.Units can be supplied in natural finish or stained to a variety of shades. Units can be packed for export or up country for a 3% additional cost.


The price of the units is comparable to the price of made-to-measure shelving. Contact the Sales Manager (see contacts) to obtain the current price of units. Payment can be made by cheque or MPESA. Bulk discounts can be arranged by negotiation. All prices quoted are inclusive of Value Added Tax, 16 percent at present. The company reserves the right to change specification or prices without prior notice.


We have been manufacturing this shelving system since 1989, we are proud to be able to give this guarantee:

Mango Limited guarantees the furniture free from defects of materials and workmanship without time limit, but this does not include normal wear and tear, nor failure due to improper use.